Position Description: Hospitality Chair

Appointed Position Description: Hospitality Chair, Amador County Branch, AAUW

Overview of the Position: Provide refreshments and supplies to help create a welcoming and comfortable environment at selected meetings and events.

Overall Responsibilities: 

  • Serve as a member of the AAUW Amador Branch Board 
  • Consult with the Chair of programs/events to determine Hospitality needs. Programs/events may include but are not limited to: Home Tour Tea, College On Track Program, Ice Cream Social, Christmas Party, Forums, etc. 
  • Make Hospitality arrangements as necessary and provide for set up/clean up/baking/purchasing tasks or recruit assistance from the Board and general membership
  • Purchase Hospitality supplies for programs/events taking into account cost and environmental impact
  • Store/make arrangements to store Hospitality equipment/supplies
  • Develop/maintain resource notes to assist future Hospitality Chairs
  • Participate in the branch budget development process to ensure adequate funds are in the budget for Hospitality expenses, taking into account the prior years’ expenditures and activities
  • Meet with newly appointed Hospitality Chair(s) to transfer information and existing records at AAUW year end

Board approved 1/17/08