Position Description: Website Editor

Appointed Position Description Website Editor,
AAUW Amador Branch

Overview of the position: The website editor is an appointed officer and member of the board of directors whose attendance at board meetings is welcome and encouraged, but necessary and required only when issues and matters pertaining to the AAUW Amador website and web presence are on the agenda. The purpose of the website is to inform both branch members and the community about AAUW Amador activities and events.

The website editor, in consultation as necessary with the board of directors, is responsible for managing the AAUW Amador website, www.aauwamador.org. The website editor will conduct a periodic review of the website to make certain that contents are timely, accurate, easily accessible, consistent with the AAUW mission and protects member privacy. She may ask other branch members to assist in this effort.

The website editor will work with the web developer to maintain and update the current website, as well as, create any future versions of the site.

Overall responsibilities:

The website editor will oversee the creation and maintenance of the website in a manner that serves to:

  • Inform members of all AAUW Amador activities to include, but not limited to, the annual, general and board meetings, sponsored events, and interest groups via the calendar and schedule of monthly programs
  • Enhance communication among members by providing current email addresses, home addresses, and phone numbers, in a member only, protected site
  • Reach out to prospective members
  • Inform members of the community about, and invites them to, branch activities and events that are open to the public 5-
  • Ensure that the information on all items, to include but not limited to those below, and their links are accurate and timely:

1) Homepage with links to: current officers, charter members, past presidents, national/state information, EF, EF honorees, LAF
2) Calendar (Non AAUW related information as approved by the Board)
3) Programs
4) Home Tour
5) Scholarships with applications and past recipients
6) Membership with application
7) Photo Gallery
8) Newsletter (edited by the Newsletter Editor for confidentiality)
9) Members Only with links to the protected membership directory

Specific responsibilities:

The website editor is required to:

  • Seek board approval for all major changes
  • Request written information updates from board members and other members who have information on the site when necessary
  • Review site pages with changing information as needed
  • Ensure timely, accurate information flow with the web developer
  • Review web developer invoices prior to submission to the treasurer
  • Provide on a yearly basis an estimate of expenses to the board and treasurer

Available resources:

Web developer, if appropriate
Policy/Operating Procedures, AAUW Amador Branch
By-laws, AAUW Amador Branch

Board approved October 16, 2014