Fields Home

Sherry and Dan Fields


On 75 acres outside of Fiddletown sits Dan and Sherry Fields’ dream home.  Designed and built by contractor Rob Newman 6 years ago, the exterior is a combination of warm yellow stucco and cool corrugated steel.  The owners wanted a home that flowed easily from room to room which was achieved through an open-plan design that consists of the living, dining and kitchen areas.  The home is light-filled due to the many wood-clad windows and skylights as well as indirect and recessed LED lighting throughout.

The Fields home is the opposite of fussy.   Furnishings are functional and light in weight with clean, crisp lines.  Rooms contain only what is necessary for comfort.  The 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom home is painted in muted colors with darker accent walls.  While there is considerable artwork shown, it is placed judiciously.  Many folk-art pieces come from travels in Latin America and elsewhere, including an extensive collection of masks.   Other items are from family or acquired from local artists.

The entryway ceiling is the customary height, but when stepping further into the home, the room opens and the ceiling rises.  In the living area, the ceiling slopes up toward the back of the house to accommodate clerestory windows which provide additional light.  Soffits were incorporated to vary the height of the ceiling and to delineate the various functions.

The home features an extensive use of natural wood, such as the maple floors in the main rooms.  Bedrooms are carpeted in muted colors to coordinate with the walls.  Notice the use of various types of tile in the bathrooms and kitchen, including its use as an accent.  Kitchen cabinets are from Ikea while the bathrooms cabinets were purchased from Lowe’s.  The deck off the living room and the front entertainment area provide outdoor space for the owners to relax and enjoy friends and family.