Houseman-Kleinbrahm Home

Terrie Houseman and Bob Kleinbrahm
17900 Red Mule Road, Fiddletown



This one-story, contemporary farmhouse with a cupola roof is situated on 12.5 acres and surrounded by natural landscaping.  In 2002, Terrie and Bob purchased the property which, at the time, only contained a garage and an 800 square-foot cottage.  After retiring, they lived in the cottage, starting in 2016, while building their 2,750 square-foot dream home.

Many energy efficient features have been incorporated into the home.  The cupola is probably the most innovative of these.  This is not the typical roof appendage topped by a weather vane.  Instead, computer operated cupola windows run the length of the great room and are part of the ventilation system for the house.  When these and other windows in the room are opened, the air rushes through and the interior is freshened as though a whole-house fan was turned on.

Entry is through double doors which have small openings the owners call “speakeasies.”  Your ticket is your “password” to enter.  Walls are painted a pale taupe called Light Truffle as are the   kitchen and bathroom cabinets.  Counters are granite and floors throughout the house are hickory.   Occasional burnt orange accents enliven the home.  Most of the furnishings came from Water Street Antiques.  Artwork mainly consists of photographs taken by Bob or other prominent photographers he once worked with.

Dominating the great room is a natural stone fireplace which rises to the ceiling.  A sliding barn door provides access to the master suite.  Both the bedroom and bathroom are equipped with an electric fireplace set into the wall.  Down the hall from the kitchen is a pantry, a laundry room and guest bedroom and bath.   The cottage near the garage can accommodate guests and doubles as space for storage and exercising.  It will be refurbished in the future.  In the back of the house is a small vineyard and organic garden and orchard.  After all, this is a farmhouse.