Position Description: Community Representative

Appointed Position Description: Community Representative Chair,
Amador County Branch AAUW

Overview of the Position: Coordinate efforts to support and/or collaborate with other nonprofit and not for profit organizations in Amador County to advance AAUW’s Mission, with board approval. Inform the AAUW Amador Branch members about these community activities and volunteer opportunities as well as solicit their participation as appropriate.

Overall Responsibilities:

  • Coordinate with other community organizations to advance AAUW’s Mission, with board approval. Keep contact information for these organizations up to date.
  • Encourage the membership to participate in activities, as appropriate.
  • May also coordinate the Amador Branch’s Community Service Project, if role not filled by another Board member.
  • Encourage members to individually support local organizations aligned with AAUW’s mission.
  • Organize a Branch meeting relating to Community issues, if requested by President/Board.
  • Write articles for the Branch newsletter focusing on volunteer opportunities and possible collaborations with other non-profit organizations in Amador County.
  • Submit written information to the Publicity Chair to promote Branch and Community activities as appropriate.
  • Serve as a member of the AAUW Amador Branch Board.

Examples of Current Collaboration

Interfaith Food Bank – support with AAUW newsletter announcements

TEFAP Monthly Food Drive – support with AAUW newsletter features and announcements

ATCCA Project Thanks – Thanksgiving Food Basket project –supporter/participant.

Approved 10/18/07