Position Description: President

Position Description: President Amador County Branch, AAUW

Overview of the position: Conduct the Amador AAUW Branch business, and oversee and take an active role in all AAUW activities in both the branch and community.

Overall responsibilities:

  • Serve as the official spokesperson and representative for the branch and shall submit such reports and forms as required by the Association and the state. Bylaws Article VI., § 3.
  • Enroll branch in the state insurance programs so that the branch will be in good standing each year with recognition and voting privileges at the state convention. Bylaws Article VI., § 3.
  • Convene a branch board of directors to plan, implement, and monitor AAUW activities in your community. Assign other members of your branch specific projects as needed.
  • Call and conduct board meetings on a regular basis.
  • Have a count of the current board members in order to establish the number needed for a quorum.
  • Establish whether or not there is a quorum at the onset of each board meeting. Fifty percent or more of the board members constitute a quorum. Note: the meeting can proceed, but no action, requiring a vote of the board members, can be taken. Bylaws Article XI., § 5.
  • Work with the board to evaluate previous branch efforts, and review and update a strategic plan that advances AAUW’s current national and state priorities.
  • Support board’s efforts to carry out the strategic plan, and provide leadership necessary to achieve the goals and objectives of that plan.
  • Foster an environment that encourages teamwork, collaboration and creative problem solving.
  • Link programming and membership development.
  • Weave diversity into the fabric of the branch.
  • Participate in community coalitions that advance AAUW’s mission.
  • Serve as AAUW’s spokesperson in your branch and community.
  • Review and monitor the branch’s fiscal health and sign off on expenditures.
  • Attend general meetings.
  • Attend (or send a representative) to state conventions, and regional conferences.
  • Submit a written report to the Board at the end of the fiscal year
  • Provide an orientation for your successor.

Make an effort to attend (or send a representative to) the AAUW National Convention.

Responsibilities to the state AAUW: Maintain regular contact with the state president and her informed of branch activities. Adhere to all state policies and procedures. Share successful branch programs with the state.

Responsibilities to the National Association: Encourage members of Amador Branch of AAUW to support national initiative and programs. Adhere to all Association policies and procedures. Support AAUW’s leadership development efforts by nominating interested branch members for national and state leadership.

Available resources: AAUW Board of Directors (regional directors), staff, Diversity Resource Team, program portfolio, 5-star materials, membership campaign materials, AAUW Outlook, AAWU in Action, spring and fall Branch Presidents/State Leaders Mailing, President’s Tool Kit, Leader Tool Kit, Membership Tool Kit, style guide and AAUW websites www.aauw.org and www.aauw-ca.org.

Revised 1/17/08