Position Description: Public Relations Chair

Appointed Position Description: Public Relations Chair,
Amador County Branch, AAUW

Overview of the position: Serve as the primary communications link between the AAUW Branch and the community. Provide publicity for Branch activities and events open to the general public, as well as selected newsworthy events that are not open to the public, e.g. the Educational Foundation Luncheon featuring the scholarship recipients and installation of officers. Close coordination with others,

e.g. Program V. P. and newsletter chair is an essential function of the position.

Overall responsibilities:

  • Serve on the branch board of directors.
  • Work in concert with the Board, Program V.P. and program leads, website and phone tree Chairs to communicate effectively with both the community and the Branch membership.
  • Make a list of targeted media and information about the process and criteria for submission.
  • Develop a list other outlets for publicity such as local organizations that are amenable to publish information about our events in the their newsletters or Web sites. Get dates for our events on the calendars of these organizations, when possible
  • Create a master calendar with timelines/deadlines.
  • Provide guidance to Program V.P., program leads and Home Tour Publicity Chair regarding media deadlines, format, process, etc.
  • Tap the Program V.P. and program leads for information/articles for release about programs and activities. (Note: The Home Tour Committee has a designated publicity chair.)
  • Work with program leads to submit appropriate information to Gold Filings and Website Chairs in a timely manner.
  • Make certain that all press releases, written by others, are Print Ready.
  • Send selected information to regional Branches.
  • Develop a positive working relationship with local media outlets, such as Hometown Radio and TV station, with particular focus on the Lifestyles/City Editor of the Ledger Dispatch.
  • Submit press releases in a timely manner via e-mail to local media outlets. (If possible, releases about any speakers should include, biographical information and/or photographs.)
  • Ask Program V.P. to have representative of AAUW available to help any reporter, who covers an event, with photo sessions or interviews.
  • • Be mindful of the following when preparing press releases and/or granting interviews:
    • Branch membership criteria
    • AAUW mission
    • AAUW’s State and National policy positions.
    • The necessity to maintain a nonpartisan stance when representing the Branch.
    • Provide an orientation for your successor.

Available resources: Operationg Procedures, written by Kelly Ttrottier and accepted by the board on 8/21/08, AAUW Amador Branch Directory, AAUW Outlook and AAUW websites www.aauw.org and www.aauw-ca.org.

Board Approved 10/16/08