Position Description: By-Laws Chair

Position Description: Bylaws Chair, Amador County Branch, AAUW

Overview of the position: Keep the Branch bylaws current and consistent with the California, AAUW and the National, AAUW bylaws. Form a committee and take responsibility for making necessary changes to the bylaws when the AAUW Amador Branch, AAUW California and/or AAUW National have followed proper protocol requests of any amendments or revisions.

Overall responsibilities:

  • Serve on the Branch Board of Directors as a voting member and other committees as assigned.
  • Become familiar with the provisions of the Branch by-laws.
  • Answer any questions concerning the by-laws at board and branch meetings.
  • Serve as advisor on parliamentary operating procedures.*
  • Form a bylaws committee, when changes to the by-laws are necessary.
  • Make any necessary changes, additions and/or amendments to the by-laws, with the assistance of the by-laws committee.
  • Submit the proposed changes to the board for approval.

Once the board approves any changes, submit three copies of the bylaws to the State bylaws committee for certification. Upon certification, one copy is returned to the Branch to hold, a second copy is kept on file at the State level, and a third copy is held by the Branch’s District Bylaws Committee Representative.

Be aware of suggestions or points of interest generated by the Annual AAUW California and National Conventions that may impact local Branch operating policies and procedures.

Ensure that the Branch budget reflects by-law committee expenses.

Make a written report of your activities to the board at end of the fiscal year.

Provide an orientation for your successor.

Specific responsibilities to the state AAUW: Establish contact with the Branch’s District by-laws chair.

Specific responsibilities to the national Association: Keep apprised of any pending bylaw issues.

Available resources: Branch By-laws Binder, *Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised 10th Edition, AAUW CA Leadership Handbook, 2006, leadershipchair@aauw-ca.org; other AAUW websites www.aauw.org and www.aauw-ca.org.

Board Approved 8/16/07