AAUW Amador Branch encourages higher education by awarding scholarships to local women. Funding for the scholarships varies based on income from our fundraisers.  The number of scholarships and the amount of each award will be determined by the Amador Branch Board annually.

The Amador Branch of AAUW is offering college scholarships to Amador County women and girls. AAUW Amador began awarding college scholarships in 1976-77 and has added new types of scholarships and increased amounts of awards over the years.

The scholarships support women who are currently working towards bachelor’s or graduate degrees. A Re-Entry Scholarship for women who have either delayed or interrupted their education is now being offered. This award will be on the basis of financial need, and an expressed interest in further education.

The UPPER DIVISION/GRADUATE/RE-ENTRY SCHOLARSHIPS will be awarded to Amador County residents on the basis of need, grade point average and personal and professional goals. One of the few scholarships of its type in Amador County, this substantial amount assists women and girls who have made educational progress through two years and who will enter at least their junior year of higher education.

The website also has necessary information to apply, or email the Upper Division/Graduate/Re-entry Scholarship Chair or write to:

AAUW Upper Division/Graduate/Re-entry Scholarship Chair

P.O. Box 611

Sutter Creek CA 95685

Deadline for postmarks for these  applications is March 15.

Applications are also available at public libraries in Jackson, Ione, Pioneer and Plymouth.


Community College Scholarship Recipients

Re-Entry Scholarship Recipients

Upper Division/Graduate Recipients

Tech Trek Recipients


  • AAUW Tech Trek Scholarships for summer science camp for junior high school girls.
    Science teachers will nominate eligible girls for consideration.
    Click for: additional information on Tech Trek.