Position Description: Treasurer

Position Description: Treasurer, Amador County Branch, AAUW

Overview of the position: Oversee the fiscal operations of the branch.

Overall responsibilities

  • Serve on the branch board of directors and other committees as needed.
  • Review, with the cooperation of the board, the financial health of the branch’s finances.
  • Maintain bank accounts for checking and savings and establish authorized check writers for the branch.
  • Prepare regular written branch financial reports analyzing actual expenditures against budget for all board meetings.
  • Be aware of specific federal, state and local charitable tax issues and legal liabilities.
  • Develop, in concert with the board, a budget that supports the programs and activities described in the branch’s strategic plan.
  • Work with the membership vice president in securing membership renewals and processing dues and fees, including filing necessary forms with the state and association.
  • Contact (with the cooperation of the Membership Vice President) the members who have not paid their dues by July 1, and advise them that any member with unpaid dues by July 31st, will be dropped from the membership rolls.
  • Support the work of the branch Vice Presidents, of the Educational Foundation and Legal Advocacy Fund in processing and submitting contributions. (in compliance with proper financial accounting procedures and IRS regulations.)
  • File the IRS form 990 if gross receipts exceed $25,000.
  • Protect assets of the branch by securing adequate insurance coverage.
  • Retain all annual financial statements, in good order.
  • Prepare and submit a annual Branch Financial Report to the State AAUW, on or before July 30th.
  • Make a written report of your activities to the board at end of the fiscal year.
  • Provide an orientation for your successor.

Specific responsibilities to the state AAUW: Submit copies of all dues, fees, and contribution reports to the state financial officer in accordance with established policies, procedures and timeliness Adhere to all local, state, federal charitable tax laws and generally accepted accounting practices.

Specific responsibilities to the national Association: Working with other branch officers, ensure that all dues and fees, dues and fee reports, and contribution reports are submitted to the AAUW national office according to established procedures and timelines.

Available resources: AAUW Finance Committee; finance, member records, LAF and Foundation staff; state finance chair; AAUW Branch and State Tool Kit, and AAUW websites www.aauw.org and www.aauw-ca.org.

Approved 2003